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Net Zero Pathway to Change Workshops

Expert-led workshops helping you to make your business more sustainable, hosted by the University of Kent and Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce.

Do you want to get started on your business’ journey towards net zero but are unsure where to start? We’ve got you covered, with an exclusive, can’t-miss series of workshops run by leading Kent experts.

Start your business’ sustainability journey — read the schedule below and register today!

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    Net Zero Workshop Schedule

    Each workshop will be run by Kent academics who will take you on a deep-dive into their areas of expertise so that you feel confident in taking the next step towards your net zero goals.

    Discover what’s on, when, and the innovators leading each of these business-changing sessions.

    Reducing Environmental Impact Through Lifecycle Assessment and Smart Product Design

    In these sessions we will introduce the concept of lifecycle assessment for your process or product, discuss the key steps in the assessment and how this can help to reduce the environmental impact of a business.

    Part 2 – workshopping & assessment findings

    When: 28th July, 10am-12pm
    Where: Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Rd, Canterbury CT2 7FG
    Who: Dr Rob Barker from the Division of Natural Sciences.

    • A discussion of your evaluation findings
    • Group work to assess sustainable improvements that could be made by a case study business
    • Regroup & discuss findings as well as the viability of the factors identified.

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    Behaviour Change for Net Zero 

    When: 18th July, 9am-1pm
    Where: Canterbury Innovation Centre, University Rd, Canterbury CT2 7FG
    Who: Professor Robbie Sutton, Dr Tim Hopthrow, & Dr Hannah Swift from the Division of Human and Social Sciences.

    • How behaviour is key to making a real impact & common psychological blockers
    • Key theories in psychology & behavioural science
    • Develop a framework for effective behaviour change interventions
    • A look at case study examples of interventions

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    About this project

    As this project is funded by the UK Community Renewal Fund, the workshops are free and open to all businesses, with opportunities for qualifying businesses to receive up to £5k to access University expertise to achieve their net zero goals.

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