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Thursday, September 15, 2022


The South-East Business Boost is a programme run by Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Kent County Council and Southend City Council. The programme is drawing to a close at the end of December and offered match funded grants of up to £10,000, Start up grants of up to £2000 or 12 hours of business support to help grow your business.
The Growth Hub has helped more than 200 businesses to access the programme. We spoke to two businesses that have benefited from the programme to see how it helped them.

“I had no idea the funded support was available and had no idea the impact that the advice would have. It is an investment in my business and one I recognise I need to continue to make in the future”

  1. What made you consider approaching KMGH for the SEBB support programme? What was the position of your business?

I had recently launched my law firm and was instantly busy which was great news. I was looking for support to decide what growth opportunities I should pursue. I attended Business Vision Live and was talking to a past work colleague who now works with the Kent and Medway Growth Hub, and she recommended putting an expression of interest in for business support via SEBB and we took it from there.

  1. What were you hoping to get out of the SEBB programme?

I really needed clarity on which options to pursue for the best growth outcome and as I am self-employed, I did not have anyone obvious to advise me

  1. What was your experience of the business support your received from Philip Pilgrim – Business Advisor

My expectations were exceeded instantly. Philip is an advisor and not a coach and I have had experience of coaching before. He looked in detail at my business numbers which was exactly what I needed and took me to task on the steps I needed to make to grow my business successfully.

  1. Did it change the way you are running your business? What did you get out of the experience?

It has transformed the way I run my business. My whole approach to my business has changed. I was running a lifestyle business but now am running a business with a real future.

  1. How are things now for your business and what are your future plans?

My business was already healthy and continues to be that way. It is much more efficient now and I am using data to make decisions and not relying on gut feel. I was 80% of the way towards making some big decisions and it would have taken me a long time to make the final move. Working with Philip has enabled me to accelerate my plans and it has improved my bottom line and I am already a more profitable business.

  1. Would you recommend the services of KMGH and the SEBB support programme to others?

100% yes. I have already done so. One of my clients is now in the programme and another is en route to joining the programme so am happy to share my success story.

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