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I-Construct Webinar | Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations


12:00 pm - 1:15 pm



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Develop your business with our series of webinars which will prepare you for change and inspire you to grow.

I-Construct is a supply chain development and innovation support project designed to help UK-based companies* access opportunities in the construction market and develop new products and services within their businesses.

Looking at both the practical elements of business linked to governance and finance, as well as exploring a more innovative future via forward-looking trends, new technology and new markets, you’ll be ready to succeed at every opportunity.

Part L of the Building Regulations is changing later in 2021. The extant regime, implemented in 2013, is coming to an end and developers need to be aware of how this could impact both the design and construction of new housing developments.

This preparatory session, presented by Philip Jackson of Daedalus Environmental, will focus on RESIDENTIAL development only (i.e. Part L1a) providing further background on:

  • The differences between the current and emerging regimes
  • The implications for the design and compliance process and how the sector needs to prepare
  • An illustration of the different performance standards required for different building elements including services
  • The transition from the emerging regulations to the Future Homes standard in 2025
  • How these changes are being addressed within planning policy across the region

The session is best aligned to developers and architects involved in the design, specification and construction of new homes. It is likely that this will be the first of two related sessions, with a further update later in 2021 once the changes are fully implemented and agreed.

Learning outcomes/takeaways:

  • A greater understanding of changes to Building Regulations and their impact on residential construction
  • Informed appreciation of the context and background to these changes
  • An ability to anticipate energy and carbon emissions performance requirements over the medium to long term


  • 12pm – Welcome and introduction to the session
  • 12:05pm – Networking
  • 12:15pm – Part L1a – what’s changing and what are the implications for the design and construction process?
  • 12:30pm – Part L1a – illustrative performance standards – thermal envelope and bridging, mechanical and electrical services, renewable energy technology
  • 12:45pm – Policy progress – the picture from planning across the southeast
  • 12.55pm – Questions and discussion
  • 1:10pm – Final comments and close.


This event is open to all SME I-Construct Network members but is particularly suited to developers of new-build residential property and architects/designers of new homes.

If you’re not an I-Construct member but are UK-based and interested in joining, you are welcome to attend one of their events to see what their network has to offer.


Pre-register via the I-Construct website.

Registration will close at 12 pm Wednesday 2nd June 2021.

* I-Construct mainly focuses on supporting businesses in the South East LEP area of the UK (which covers Essex, East Sussex and Kent).

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