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Kent Invicta LIVE: Sleeping Giant Media’s Evolution: Why Brand Is More Than Just A Colour


10:30 am - 11:30 am


Non-Member Price £5.00

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Join the next Kent Invicta LIVE event ‘Sleeping Giant Media’s Evolution: Why Brand Is More Than Just A Colour’. Through this event, you will hear from Danny Windsor, Head of Brand & Marketing, at the award-winning Sleeping Giant Media.

Danny will discuss ‘Brand’ and why at Sleeping Giant Media (SGM) it is so much more than the colour purple. Danny will take us through SGM’s brand evolution through the years, as well as how brand success and evolution is so much more than logos, fonts and colours – exploring what businesses of any size can do to create authentic, epic and memorable brands.

About Sleeping Giant Media:

Established to be that agency that delivers excellence in customer delivery and customer service. For the past thirteen years, we’ve grown the team and built systems and processes that will blow your socks off.

Taking clients across a wide range of sectors to places they didn’t think they could get, and together we’ve worked towards creating new standards for their digital marketing performance.

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