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Kent Invicta LIVE: Small And Instant Changes That You Can Make To Become More Sustainable


10:30 am - 11:30 am


Non-Member Price: £5 + VAT | Member Price: Free to attend

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For the next Kent Invicta LIVE event, join us as we hear from Doug Wanstall and Richard Bowe, Re-Generation Earth who will be talking about the “Small and instant changes that you can make to become more sustainable”.

With COP26 currently underway and sustainability at the forefront of many conversations, now is the perfect time to look into the small changes that you can do to make a huge difference.

Did you know… the average person emits between 8 tons of carbon per year. The equivalent of 22kgs per day. How can we reduce this?

From this session you can expect to come away feeling more informed about:

  • Your own carbon footprint
  • Understand your carbon footprint affects your business, and what you can do to impact it
  • Logical, local and immediate ways to reduce your impact on the environment
  • The hidden truth of search engines and our carbon impact from technology

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