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10:00 am - 1:00 pm





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Marketing is a crucial activity that every business undertakes in order to gain customers, but for start-ups and most small businesses it can be difficult to know how to approach effectively.

Many small businesses undertake a lot of marketing, but it is not effective time wise and is often a waste of money.

This workshop will show you how to approach it logically and do it in an effective and profitable way that is right for you and your business.

We will also address how to decide how much marketing to do and getting the balance right between online and offline / traditional activities.


Target audience:

  • New start-ups (those about to start trading to those trading for less than two years) how to set up and implement marketing that brings you your first customers
  • Companies already established, and who may have been trading for a few years, but wish to improve the effectiveness of their marketing

The following steps are covered:                                                         

– What is marketing?
– Where does it fit into all the other work I have to do?
– How can I break it down into simple principles and steps?
– Where am I now in each of the steps?
– Which ideas and solutions are right for me and my business?
– What actions do I need to take? Where do I start?

These workshops are interactive, participants get involved in learning to see their own business in a clearer light.  Everyone walks away with a clear plan of what needs to be done and where to start.

Desired outcome:

All attendees to have improved their clarity and confidence in the process of identifying and implementing both strategic and tactical marketing which will be effective in attracting new profitable target customers.

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